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See the "Join us" tab for details

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2021 Winter Holiday Party
2021 Winter Holiday Party

(L to R): Cecelia, Zane, Sprite, Shuo, Yi-Hua, Katja, Leela, LeahAbdon, Chia-Heng

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2020 - Heidelberg (Germany)
2020 - Heidelberg (Germany)

(L to R): Robert, Abdon, Pol

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See the "Join us" tab for details
See the "Join us" tab for details

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Abdon Pena-Francesch ("Don")
Assistant Professor
Materials Science & Engineering, Macromolecular Science & Engineering, Robotics (2021-...)
2018-2020 Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (Stuttgart, Germany)
2013-2017 Ph.D. (Engineering Science and Mechanics), Penn State University (PA, USA)
2011-2013 M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), Institut Químic de Sarrià (Barcelona, Spain)
2006-2011 B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering), Institut Químic de Sarrià (Barcelona, Spain)
Bio & personal info here
Zane Zhang
Ph.D. student (MSE)

Research: soft magnetic materials, nanocomposites, soft actuators
Personal:  road trips, cooking

2021 M.Sc. (MSE), UMich
B.Sc. (MSE), Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT, CN)

Leah Marks
M.Sc. student (MSE)

Research: polymer synthesis and characterization, rheology, soft mechanics
Personal:  binge-watching, good music, writing

2021 B.Sc. (MSE), UMich

Sho Zhang.jpg
Shuo Zhang
M.Sc. student (MSE)

Research: surface chemistry,  polymer
coatings, microstructure

Personal:  skiing, cooking, board Games 

2021 B.Sc. (ME/MSE), UMich - Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Cecelia Kinane
Ph.D. student (Macro)

Research: polymer design, structure-property relationships, hydrogels
Personal:  rowing, baking, camping, cats, museums

2019 B.Sc. (Chem), University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN) 

Chia-Heng Lin.jpeg
Chia-Heng Lin
M.Sc. student (MSE)

Research: 3D printing, polymer coatings, microstructure, active matter
Personal:  photography, cooking, traveling

2019 B.Sc. (MSE), National Chiao Tung University (TW)

Leela Mukherjee
UG student (CSE)

Research: robotic actuator design, materials mechanics, electronics design
Personal:  hiking, indie music, and embroidery

Sprite Tiwa Yimyai.jpg
Tiwa Yimyai (Sprite)
Ph.D. visiting student (ChE)
Fulbright Scholar, VISTEC (TH)

Colloid Organic Materials Laboratory

Research: polymer synthesis, self-healing materials, functional polymer coatings
Personal:  mindfulness, traveling, cultures, nature

2015 B.Sc. (ChE), Silpakorn University (TH)

Yi-Hua Chen.jpeg
Yi-Hua Chen
M.Sc. student (MSE)

Research: nanocomposites, polymer mechanics, thin film processing, sustainability
Personal:  baking, hiking, board games, traveling

2020 B.Sc. (ChE), Yuan Ze University (TW)

Where are we from?

Rich Kaplan, M.Sc. (Macro, UMich) - 2021
Now at:

Pol Cabanach, Ph.D. (Bioengineering, Max Planck Institute / IQS-GEMat) - 2021
Now at: Zabala Innovation Consulting, Barcelona, Spain (international R&D consultant)

Dario Perez Balaguer, M.Sc. (Max Planck Institute / IQS-GEMat) - 2020
Now at: Venair GmbH, Freiberg am Neckar, Germany (silicones team)
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