23. Multifunctional and biodegradable self-propelled protein motors

A Pena-Francesch, J Giltinan, M Sitti

Nature Communications 10, 3188 (2019)

Press: Max Planck NewsNature Research Bioengineering Community

22. Squid-Inspired Tandem Repeat Proteins: Functional Fibers and Films

A Pena-Francesch, MC Demirel

Frontiers in Chemistry - Polymer Chemistry 7, 69 (2019) (invited review)

Press: CNNBBC, Vice, Frontiers, R&D

21. Tunable thermal transport and reversible thermal conductivity switching in topologically networked bio-inspired material

 J Tomko*, A Pena-Francesch*, H Jung, M Tyagi, BD Allen, MC Demirel, PE Hopkins

(*equal contribution)

Nature nanotechnology 13 (10), 959 (2018)

Press: EurekAlert!, Phys.org, Nanowerk News, ScienceDaily, PSU News

20. Inkjet Printing of Self-Assembled 2D Titanium Carbide and Protein Electrodes for Stimuli-Responsive Electromagnetic Shielding

M Vural, A Pena-Francesch,  J Bars-Pomes, H Jung, H Gudapati,  C B Hatter, B Allen, B Anasori,  IT Ozbolat, Y Gogotsi,*  MC Demirel

Advanced Functional Materials 1801972 (2018)

19. Squid Ring Teeth coated mesh improves abdominal wall repair

AN Leberfinger, M Hospodiuk, A Pena-Francesch, B Ayan, V Ozbolat, S Koduru, IT Ozbolat, MC Demirel, DJ Ravni

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open 6 (8), 1881 (2018)


18. Programmable proton conduction in stretchable and self-healing proteins

A Pena-Francesch, H Jung, M Hickner, M Tyagi, BD Allen, MC Demirel

Chemistry of Materials 30, 3, 898-905 (2018)

Press: IEEE GlobalSpec, ScienceDaily, Penn State News

17. Mechanical properties of tandem repeat proteins are governed by network defects

A Pena-Francesch, H Jung, M Segad, RH Colby, BD Allen, MC Demirel
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 4 (3), 884-891 (2018)

16. Contextualizing technology in the classroom via remote access: using space exploration themes and scanning electron microscopy as tools to promote engagement in multidisciplinary geology/chemistry experiments

 B Rodriguez, V Jaramillo, V Wolf, E Bautista, J Portillo, A Brouke, A Min A Melendez, J Amann, A Pena Francesch, JM Ashcroft

Journal of Technology and Science Education 8 (1), 86-95 (2018)

15. Research Update: Programmable tandem repeat proteins inspired by squid ring teeth

A Pena-Francesch*, NE Domeradzka*, H Jung, B Barbu, M Vural, Y Kikuchi, BD Allen, MC Demirel (*equal contribution)

Special Topic: From molluscs to materials. APL Materials 6, 010701 (2018) (invited review) 

14. Structural Protein-Based Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators

H Yilmaz, A Pena-Francesch, R Shreiner, H Jung, Z Belay, MC Demirel, S Ozdemir, L Yang

ACS Photonics 4 (9), 2179-2186 (2017)

13. Programmable molecular composites of tandem proteins with graphene oxide for efficient bimorph actuators

M Vural, Y Lei, A Pena-Francesch, H Jung, B Allen, M Terrones, MC Demirel
Carbon 118, 404-412 (2017) (cover page)

Press: MRS BulletinScienceDaily, AZoNano, Penn State News

12. Ultrafast Laser-Probing Spectroscopy for Studying Molecular Structure of Protein Aggregates

H Jung*, C Szwejkowski*, A Pena-Francesch*, J Tomko, B Allen, SO, PE Hopkins, MC Demirel (*equal contribution)
Analyst 142, 1434-1441 (2017) (cover page)

Press: Penn State News

11. Molecular tandem repeat strategy for elucidating mechanical properties of high-strength proteins

H Jung*, A Pena-Francesch*, A Saadat, A Sebastian, DH Kim, RF Hamilton, I Albert, BD Allen, MC Demirel (*equal contribution)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (23), 6478–6483 (2016)
Press: Science Daily Penn State News

10. Self-Healing Textile: Enzyme Encapsulated Layer-by-Layer Structural Proteins

D Gaddes, H Jung, A Pena-Francesch, G Dion, S Tadigadapa, WJ Dressick, MC Demirel
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces  8 (31), pp 20371–20378 (2016)
Press: BBC, CNN, Newsweek, Allure, Penn State News, C&EN, ACS, LiveScience, Geek

9. Protein-based flexible whispering gallery mode resonators

H Yilmaz, A Pena-Francesch, L Xu, R Shreiner, H Jung, SH Huang, SK Ozdemir, MC Demirel, L Yang

Proc. SPIE 9745, Organic Photonic Materials and Devices XVIII, 97450I (2016)

8. Segmented molecular design of self-healing proteinaceous materials

V Sariola*, A Pena-Francesch*, H Jung, M Çetinkaya, C Pacheco, M Sitti, MC Demirel (*equal contribution)
Scientific reports 5 (2015)
Press: Popular Science, Penn State News, Science Daily, Gizmag, Wired

7. Biomimicry of the Manduca Sexta Forewing Using SRT Protein Complex for FWMAV Development

SC Michaels, KC Moses, RJ Bachmann, R Hamilton, A Pena-Francesch, A Lanba, MC Demirel, RD Quinn
Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, 86-91 (2015)

6. Recent Advances in Nanoscale Bioinspired Materials

MC Demirel, M Cetinkaya, A Pena‐Francesch, H Jung
Macromolecular bioscience 15 (3), 300-311 (2015)

5. Materials Fabrication from Native and Recombinant Thermoplastic Squid Proteins

A Pena‐Francesch*, S Florez*, H Jung, A Sebastian, I Albert, W Curtis, MC Demirel (*equal contribution)
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (47), 7401-7409 (2014) (cover page)

Press: The Washington Post, Penn State News, Newsweek

4. A Renewable Bioplastic Made From Squid Proteins

MC Demirel, A Pena-Francesch, W Mills

Focus On Materials: Smart Materials , Materials Research Institute Bulletin. Fall 2014. 18-20. (cover page)

3. Pressure sensitive adhesion of an elastomeric protein complex extracted from squid ring teeth

A Pena‐Francesch, B Akgun, A Miserez, W Zhu, H Gao, MC Demirel

Advanced Functional Materials 24 (39), 6227-6233 (2014)

2. Tailoring the LCST of Thermosensitive Hydrogel Thin Films Deposited by iCVD

A Pena-Francesch, L Montero, S Borrós
Langmuir 30 (24), 7162-7167 (2014)

1. Accelerating the design of biomimetic materials by integrating RNA-seq with proteomics and materials science

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3. Tunable Thermal Transport and Reversible Thermal Conductivity Switching in Topologically-Networked Bio-Inspired Materials

J Tomko, A Pena-Francesch, MC Demirel, PE Hopkins

US Provisional Patent, PSU Inv. Disc. No.: 2017-4750


2. Bioelastomeric 3-D Morphing Wings

SC Michaels, KC Moses, RJ Bachmann, RF Hamilton, A Pena-Francesch, A Lanba, MC Demirel, RD Quinn
US Provisional Patent, PSU Inv. Disc. No.: 2015-4304

* All figures are reproduced with permission from publisher.

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