Teaching @ Penn State
Undergraduate Courses

Engineering Science and Mechanics Department (ESM)

Engineering Mechanics Core

EMCH 212: Dynamics. Lecturing Teaching Assistant (Spring 2015 through Fall 2016).
Topics covered in Dynamics include: kinematics of particles, application of Newton’s laws to particles, energy and momentum methods for particles, kinematics of rigid bodies, application of the laws of Newton and Euler to rigid bodies, and energy and momentum methods for rigid bodies.

Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization (CNEU)

Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (NMT). Lab Teaching Assistant.

E SC 211: Materials, Safety, and Equipment Overview for Nanotechnology
E SC 212: Basic Nanotechnology Processes
E SC 213: Materials in Nanotechnology
E SC 214: Patterning for Nanotechnology
E SC 215: Nanotechnology Applications
E SC 216: Characterization, Testing of Nanotechnology Structures and Materials


Master Courses

Engineering Science and Mechanics Department (ESM)

Engineering at the Nano-scale (M.S.). Lab Teaching Assistant
E SC 412: Nanotechnology: Materials, Infrastructure, and Safety
E SC 520: Engineering at the Nano-scale
E SC 521: Pattern Transfer at the Nano-scale
E SC 522: Fabrication and Characterization for Top-down Nano-manufacturing
E SC 523: Fabrication and Characterization for Bottom-up Nano-manufacturing

Student rating of teaching: >95% (forms available upon request)


Student quotes from anonymous teaching evaluation:

“Having Abdon do practice problems in class most enhanced my learning. He was by far the best TA I have had at Penn State. He really understands the material and presents and explains the material in a way that really makes sense. Any questions we had he would always have a great answer.”

- Fall 2016


“Any and all success I had in this class I owe to Abdon Pena Francesch. He was an excellent TA who clearly taught the material that would be relevant for exams and quizzes. He was also very approachable and would give up his own time to help students with the class.”

– Fall 2015 

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