STEM Outreach

Materials Research Society (MRS) mentor for undergraduate students 


Broadening Participation in Materials Science - Undergraduate Student Program

The MRS Undergraduate Student Mentoring Program pairs undergraduate, underrepresented students (including women) with graduate student or postdoc mentors who help them navigate the next steps in their education and career.

Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK)


Lecturer in nanotechnology workshops for high-school and college educators

Advanced Materials Technology Educator Workshop. Northwest Vista College, Alamo Colleges. June 5th-8th 2017, San Antonio TX 

“How do we see at the nanoscale?”, “How do we make at the nanoscale?”, “Biomimicry: natural design” (invited talk).



"Nano4Me - Education & Careers in Nanotechnology" - Nanotech training videos

Remotely Accessible Instruments for Nanotechnology network (RAIN)  


Led SEM, EDS, and AFM remote access sessions and lectures for high-schools and colleges across the USA

STEM education for low-income minority communities in Southern California (800 students, in collaboration with NASA JPL)

Science summer camp, Step by Step School for Early Learning, State College (PA, USA)  2017

"Cool ideas from Nature" - Biomimicry Workshop for kindergarden through 5th grade students

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